Create A Relationship With Your Clients

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Use your branding to build a relationship with your potential customers.

A brand used to be a concept: you used to have a relationship with a brand. In the social age we currently live in, this idea is changing rapidly and brands now are the relationships. Companies can create greater engagement, loyalty and differentiation by defining a brand’s particular kind of relationship.

This change is seen a lot in the current taxi and livery industry. In the past, cab companies operated with the roles driver/passenger. However, this traditional system was disturbed by the emergence of Uber and Lyft. These companies created differentiation in two ways, the first being the shift from driver/passenger to friend/friend. This shift saw Lyft encourage its passengers to “sit up front” as if they were getting a ride from a friend. “Our original tagline was ‘Your Friend with a Car’” says Kira Wampler, CMO of Lyft, “which served not only to describe the human, peer-to-peer experience we delivered with Lyft but also to differentiate us from other private driver approaches”.

The second differentiation is entrepreneur/supporter, as seen in Uber’s branding. They encourage potential drivers to ‘build their business’ with Uber. Head of Experiential Marketing at Uber, Amy Friedlander, talks about their values: “Working with Uber is about our drivers’ needs, whether those needs are to have a fully flexible schedule or earn extra money. Uber is a platform that fits their lifestyle, not the other way round”.

These two companies have helped make the taxi industry, and the current market in general, fit for the social age. The brand relationship is more reciprocal and personal in both these cases.

In every industry, marketers now have an opportunity to redefine brand roles and create a new relationship based on co-creation and collaboration.

Think about the relationship people have with your brand today, is there a way you can create a relationship that provides a symmetrical, balanced structure? Also look for ways to shift your brand roles from one-directional and transactional to personal and reciprocal. Today’s brand innovators are just a guide, but the direction they have pulled their industries in have resulted in much success. Change your attitude to marketing and create a relationship with your clients through your brand to see greater engagement, loyalty and differentiation.

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